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Identify your winning products by applying a decal on your bottle

Congratulations on winning your medal at the 2017 SMV Canada edition. We hope this prize will bring you great fortune!

To capitalize on this internationally recognized and prestigious award, we are offering all winners the opportunity to purchase :

  1. Official award decals : medal decals that we sell by roller of 1,000 each;
  2. The licence to use the image on your own labels, with this option you have the added flexibilty of printing as many labels as you need at your own convenience.

Our official award decals are trademark protected.

Price list

1,000 to  10,000 decals $ 59 CAD/1000
11,000 to 25,000 decals $ 57 CAD/1000
26,000 to  50,000 decals $ 55 CAD/1000
More than 50,000 decals $ 50 CAD/1000
License to use SMV Canada images on your own labels, minimum 5000 copies  $  40 CAD/1000


Official medal decals and licenses will be delivered upon reception of payment. We use DHL for international delivery and CANADA POST nationally.

Please, account for delivery within 7 to 12 days upon placing your order. Delivery dates are approximate and do not consider delays due to customs. Similarly, we are not responsible for any unforseen or additional charges.

We will send you a quote for transportation. Please note that transportation fees are at your own charge.