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One of the interesting facets of a competition such as Sélections mondiales des Vins Canada is the fact that this wine competition happens within an annual congress in Quebec City. Here wine producers, wine tasters, wine writers, reporters and agencies promoting wine, can meet to share their experiences and celebrate the love of wine together.


May 25, 2018 :  “Introducing SMV Canada International Wine contest 2018”

May 26, 2018 : Mr Belgacem D’Khili (Tunisia) , “Viticulture in North Africa”

May 27, 2018: Mr Michael A. Shaefer (USA), ” Oregon and Washington, Wine Jewels of the USA Northwest”

May 28,2018: Mr. Hervé Durand (France), ” Viticulture in ancient Rome”

2017 Speakers‘ presentations (french language)